Sunday, April 08, 2007

More lies

This article from Thomas Ricks makes it obvious. The "Surge" is really a long-term escalation. It will not work, if it ever works for years -- but they'll keep talking around that fact for years as well. That's the fucking plan!

The emphasis then, as each Friedman ends, will be Bush saying "we must listen to the Commanders on the Ground" while those commanders on the ground essentially stretch the truth to say "it's working, it's working give us another six months". Of course, the problem is that even if an anti-insurgency mission could work, we'll never have the capability of putting enough troops in and keeping them there.

This effort is highlighted by John McCain's descent into irrelevancy. He seems to think if he can dig a little deeper he'll find that pony in China.

The new political-military strategy is beginning to show results. But most Americans are not aware because much of the media are not reporting it or devote far more attention to car bombs and mortar attacks that reveal little about the strategic direction of the war...

...I observed that our delegation "stopped at a local market, where we spent well over an hour, shopping and talking with the local people, getting their views and ideas about different issues of the day."

What a fucking joke, when did he write this, before the 100 soldiers, 3 blackhawk helicopters, and 2 helicopter gunships became a late night television joke? Before more than a dozen people were shot to death in the market he'd left before? Before it was reported that the market is just outside the Green Zone and McCain still had to proceed there under military escort? Before the people working at the mall were interviewed and said McCain and the others were a joke? Does McCain think he wasn't actually photographed surrounded by soldiers and wearing kevlar?

He's Cheney-level delusional and all the country knows it. Naturally, his allegiance now to Bush being so deep, he's going all in. McCain needs to grab Blondi and head down to the bunker with his Chimperor.

And back to the "Surge" "escalation". We don't have the manpower, we don't have the money, we don't have the time, and finally, the most likely scenario no matter what, is a Shiia dominated state as repressive as it was before we invaded -- with the extra touch of every fucking person hating us as oppose to a few government officials.

This farce is going to continue throughout the Bush Administration, lie building upon lie building upon lie. All so the war's "neverland" supporters can keep playing this game of "Risk" with real people.

And when it finally ends, this impossible, woe begotten miserable, tragic farce, the right-wing will find a way to call the Democrats treasonous, weak cowards (except Joe Lieberman of course) who didn't have the "guts" let the war continue on forever and ever and ever to inevitable undefined "Victory".

By the way, 3,275. Four more dead in an explosion this morning. Eight days into April and we've already lost 34 American and British soldiers this month.

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