Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why is it...

That in the United States (and Australia) every conservative that is in any media branch seems to be a knuckle-draggin', war mongering, ignorant, cult of personality worshipping, hypocritical asshole?

While other country's conservatives actually seem to have not just the spark of intelligence, but actual real intelligence?

The Times's Robbie Millen doesn't mince his words about certain American commentators:

It's a crass trait of the American Right... to lump all of Europe - from France to Poland - together as one single cheese-eating, surrender monkey entity. You'd have thought that Iraq might have taught US conservatives that "Abroad" is a little bit more complicated than that.

Well said. Want another example of unhinged transatlantic punditry? Here's transplanted Brit, John Derbyshire wondering why Tony Blair didn't send gunboats into the streets of Teheran in order to teach Johnny Foreigner a lesson:

What on earth has happened to the British? What has happened is multiculturalism. The British no longer feel that contempt for other nations that sustained them for so many centuries. Or, if they feel it, they guiltily suppress that feeling, as being flagitiously "racist."

He also thinks the sailors who allowed themselves to be paraded on TV should be court-martialled, "with shooting definitely an option." Yes, really. Now, you can have all sorts of debates about the rights and wrongs of multiculturalism (I'm not at all convinced that the American version is really superior to ours, to be honest.) But doesn't it at least occur to Derbyshire that there were more complicated forces at work in this particular crisis? As for the decline of the fine sense of contempt for other nations, well, I suppose education, package holidays, David Attenborough and LiveAid, among many other things, put paid to all that. A fine thing too. Instapundit linked approvingly to Derbyshire's piece. Enuff said. When it comes to matters European, most right-wing American blogs are far interested in scare-mongering than trying to work out what's really happening.

I know from personal experience there are actual thoughtful conservatives in the United States. But they are not on FoxNoise; they are not on talk-radio; and with some exceptions they are not on popular right-wing blogs -- unless they go full apostate mode.

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