Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Call me cynical but...

This is either confirmation of how ineffective the Surge is...or the most cynical set-up of all time:

The U.S. commanders in Iraq seem to sense some new horror for the country is near. On July 7, Gen. David Petraeus predicted that insurgents would lash out with spectacular attacks in the coming weeks, as the clock runs down on time ahead of the September progress report due in Washington. And yesterday Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, the commander of U.S. forces in southern Iraq, echoed the fear when talking to reporters in the Green Zone. "We're concerned about some kind of Tet offensive that's going to affect the debate in Washington," Lynch said, harking back to the pivotal 1968 push by communist forces in Vietnam.

You know, if we actually have them "on the run" like Joe Lieberman, Lindsay Graham and assorted Kagans tell us -- why would we be worried about Tet-like offensives from the fleeing insurgents?

On the other hand, if one predicts a disaster and it never happens...then I guess you could say, "Voila! Behold the success of the mighty surge -- and just before September!"

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