Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Eliot, You Ass!

Dear Governor Spitzer,

Joe Bruno and Sheldon Silver have been fucking up New York for years. Diluting their power and death grip on Albany would do wonders for the state. Given these two old farts' track records of obstructing progress, running the state like their own personal fiefdoms, and, in Bruno's case, being a Republican it should be easy. That means you needn't have resorted to acting like a garden variety Republican thug to do it. Honestly, I don't know what's come over you. Maybe you got a little excited by your 69% mandate last fall. Maybe your bull-in-a-china-shop nature overcame your common sense. Maybe you're not as smart as I think you are. Whatever it is, do us a favor and cut the crap. It's going to be hard enough to recover from the twelve years of George Pataki and six years of George W. Bush without having to defend Democrats who run their operations like Republican goons and give the David Broder's of this world fodder for their "Both sides do it!" shrieking.

Dealing with entrenched power like that of Bruno and Silver is going to take a lot more wit and a little more subtlety. Surely they must have taught you something about that at Harvard Law School?


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