Saturday, July 21, 2007

"No End in Sight"

One of the things that we are doing here at "Yearly Attaturk" (I'm the host [though it is occurring at the Fabulous Hostel de Durkheim], the main speaker and the guest this year) is watching an advance screening "Magnolia Pictures" provided to us of the coming documentary "No End in Sight". The film is going into limited release at the end of this month with a few additional theatres in August.

It tells the story we all know, how we managed to be conned (and many willingly so) into OPERATION CLUSTERFUCK and how that fact alone has left us there seemingly without end -- all because of imaginary and projected fears. We had to go in because of conflated nonsense of Saddams WMD's and links to Al Qaeda...we alleged had to stay to make it a functioning Democracy...and now we have to stay to prevent the fear of genocide or fight "the same people that attacked us on 9/11". If nothing else disastrous wars have a tautological nature of frauds repeating themselves.

So nothing has really changed, except for the worse.

We all know this story of course, we've read it over and over. We've seen bits and pieces of it in other documentaries. But this assembles all of the evidence through skillful and fair editing and lays it out in a fair-handed, yet devastating fashion against the worst President in American history.

So it is really screwball comedy with the emphasis on the "screw".

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