Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Order those copies of "Breathing for Dummies"

Apparently, some folks at "Red State" need them.

A political comedian, and not exactly an unknown one, writes some biting satire, and suddenly some right-wingers are freaking out.

Look, I know that other being TOLD that Dennis Miller is funny many readers of RedState lack the ability to know what satire is, other than an Ann Coulter excuse macro, but come on?

You can argue whether it is "good" satire (The Colbert Report) , or "bad" satire (Michelle Malkin displaying her half-inch vertical leap), but you cannot argue over whether it is satire.

Apparently no one remembers the Daily Show's history or Saturday Night Live from the 19890s 1980s.

It's from "A. Whitney Brown" (as opposed to "THE Whitney Brown" [his joke]. Well known political satirist. Here is his resume.

What a bunch of cretins.

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