Sunday, July 29, 2007

David Ignatius: Democracy Lover

Surely a man so often wrong...

"Personally, I don't much care if the U.S. reports about weapons of mass destruction prove to be imaginary. Toppling Hussein's regime was still right."

...can find a way to blame YOU the American voter for what is going on in Iraq?

Why yes he can:

Future military planners will have to recognize that American democracy, in which political mandates must be renewed in two-year increments, makes us uniquely unsuited to fight protracted counterinsurgency wars. Petraeus likes to observe that it takes, on average, at least nine years to prevail in such a war. If that measure is correct, Petraeus must know there is little chance that a frustrated and angry American public will grant him enough time for success. So the question is: How to extricate ourselves in a way that minimizes the damage to the United States, its allies and Iraq?

Oh, damn us and our stupid requirement not to fight wars that are dreadfully unpopular. Who do we think we are, government of the people, by the people, and for the people?!

Besides, it is becoming evident from his editorials and appareances on right-wing talk shows the real question for Patraeus will be, "How big an advance can I get for my bio when I blame the Democrats for losing my lovely little war?"

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