Tuesday, July 24, 2007

While your getting Ralph Peters Rx...

Pick up something for Michael Ledeen who is having an existential meltdown and needs his mommy after the announcement that talks will continue with Iraq about setting up a 3-way security committee with the U.S. & Iraq:

Just what we needed. Just when we are winning the war, arresting Iranians daily, and destroying their Sunni and Shi'ite proxies, the appeasement lobby snatches a new defeat from victory's jaws. Probably the deep thinkers at the White House are telling each other how this will deflect any criticism from those who accuse them of planning war with Iran. I hope they enjoy it, because Iran is planning a lot more war with us.

Reality has a terrible "temporary" effect upon the mind determined to believe in his own shadows and fictions.

He has the vapahs!

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