Thursday, July 26, 2007

The FUNK of the internets

What can one say?

Crazy Stuff [John Podhoretz]

There's a lot of crazy stuff circulating around the Internet about Scott Beauchamp. Some of it is from his own literarily overwrought blog, which reveals Beauchamp is an ambitious guy who was hooked on portentous and pretentious writing (his own and other writers') well before he arrived in Baghdad. But there's other crazy stuff too. Someone has purportedly discovered that Beauchamp is engaged to a New Republic staffer because of an Internet wedding registry...

The wankerous irony of John Podhoretz mocking someone's writing skills and discussing rumors of familial connections considering he has his job because of HIS DADDY...


It is amazing that after days spent denying this guy existed, then being proven wrong, these alleged lovers of American Soldiers are going all out to make sure this poor sap gets fragged.

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