Thursday, July 26, 2007

One bullshit line after the other

Sorry, not falling for it:

The U.S. military has noted a "significant improvement" in the aim of attackers firing rockets and mortars into the heavily fortified Green Zone in the past three months that it has linked to training in Iran, a top commander said Thursday.

He read that just like David Addington wrote it.

Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno, the top day-to-day U.S. commander in Iraq, also expressed cautious optimism over a decline in the number of American troops killed this month. At least 60 U.S. troops have died so far in July after the death toll topped 100 for the previous three months, according to an Associated Press tally based on military statements.

Oh, Hooray, we're just under 3 needless deaths a day instead of 4.

Except, there's a pattern to July the last couple years...

8-2005........85 deaths
7-2005........54 deaths
6-2005........78 deaths

and then:

8-2006........65 deaths
7-2006........43 deaths
6-2006........61 deaths

Someday we will build an "Iraq War Memorial", where emblazoned upon it will be all the sound bytes, false claims, twisted facts, and declarations of success on top of the ever piling number of deaths, missing limbs, and off-budget hundreds of billions.

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