Thursday, December 17, 2009

An "F" for "effort"

Maybe Joe Lieberman's flaming bag o' healthcare is what Obama really wanted. That would, of course, be more than angering enough. Maybe Joe Lieberman did, really, as the White House claims, concede to a demand of theirs (agreeing to consider a less gritty lubricant?). However, to me personally, the most infuriating thing about the status of health care reform as it stands now and explains my anger at least is summarized by this email to Talking Points Memo:

...people are pissed right now less at the fact that they didn't get what they wanted, and more at the fact that they feel like their people didn't really fight for it. Leaders don't always get what they want. But people recognize when true leaders at least give it a shot. And people judge that leadership by what they say in public and how hard they see them publicly pushing for it. Closed door negotiations don't count.

At least some actual Senate pushback from liberals is starting (warning involves having to see Neal Cavuto NSFW). Not from the White House of course, that would require effort.

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