Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One sometimes gets the feeling

While reading "Moron Junction" aka National Review Online, that the thing they are really jealous of (besides people who have sex, enjoy life, aren't ingrates, or the "victims" of rampant nepotism, brown people, cool people, gay people, magnanimous people, short people, tall people, moderately endowed people, lady people, male people, she-male people, cat fanciers, ethnic cuisine in excess of $5, street vendors, homeless people, egalitarians, the well-adjusted, the non-NRO employed maladjusted) is that the Nigerian Ball-Burner was able to feel something anything down there through the use of a foreign object. Somebody tell Jonah Goldberg to use those "waxing" coupons for a purpose. Maybe he and Andy McCartney can go and simultaneously rip one off each other.

And yes, you're welcome for that visual.

Here's something to assist you in your imaging (NSFW)...just stretch the picture a great deal horizontally (a great great great deal actually) and you may find the mental image the Doughy Pantload has of the perfect office retreat...would take a whole lotta quatloos.

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