Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mags 2010

Every year I subscribe to a new magazine. Sometimes they're substantive (The Economist in 2007 and The Nation in 2008) and sometimes silly (Vogue in 2009). I need a suggestion for 2010. I've been a New Yorker subscriber for years (and probably will continue to do so, even though I think it's time for Remnick to bring a few new writers on board), so that base is covered. I've also got a free subscription to Time Out New York, and even though with the exception of "Get Naked" columnist Jamie Bufalino I hate it (most of the features sound as though they were written by people who have never visited, let alone lived, here), I can't seem to stop them from sending it to me, so that one's out too.

So I need something new and would be pleased if you'd put your (non-pornographic) suggestions in comments.

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