Monday, December 21, 2009

Today is Alex Pareene Day at Rising Hegemon

I'm too lazy to pull out the best bits. Just go read this, too.

On another note, when I attend my first joint Teabagger/Progressive rally to torpedo the health care bill or audit the Fed or encourage Alan Grayson to primary1 Barack Obama in 2012, do I brandish a sign that shows stacks of bodies at a concentration camp or a giant puppet? Wear an Obama-as-witchdoctor or "Free Mumia!" tee-shirt? Carry a "Get a brain! Morans" placard or one that says, "Got spell check?"

Please kill me.

And on yet another, entirely unrelated note: New York got some snow this weekend. Not nearly as much as D.C. or Philly or Boston or Long Island, which according to my cousin, got absolutely whacked. I was out of town, though, and arrived this morning to see that the city had done a horrible job of plowing the place. So a hale 'n hearty middle finger salute to Mayor Bloomberg and the DOT, because I'm 99.9% sure that said half-assed plowing is yet another of those stealth budget cuts we're seeing so much of here these days.

And finally, to that DC cop who pulled his gun on a bunch of people having a snowball fight, the only thing that shocks me is that you didn't Tase them before you started waving your gun around. And with regard to your Hummer? Well, sorry about your penis. Asshole.

1Absolutely horrified that I used "primary" as a verb here.

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