Thursday, December 17, 2009

That's okay really, I'll just keep slaving away here day after day

Several years after it became apparent I've run out of material to make the marginally funny.

I don't need anything, I'm sure this remaining kidney will keep filtering away -- I'm good. Sure, it would be nice to have some money to claim I gave to Jerry's Kids, but I'm fine. I'm sure I can last a few weeks without insulin. I'll be okay. And no, even though someone claiming to be a doctor says I should have that chemo, I'll pretend to be a Christian Scientist a few more weeks just to put off having to pay for it, I don't really need anything.

Sure, I could use some psycho-therapy to deal with my victim complex and my passive/agressive nature, but I'll get bye.

So I'm here to suggest you take whatever money you thought of donating to this blog -- the money you actually never considered giving to this blog anyway, because really, look at it, it's clearly over creatively here, what with my fictional bad kidney, diabetes, and various forms of cancer -- and sad eyed ill-nourished children and puppies -- I need no money towards curing my ill-earned narcissistic personality disorder.

But, Digby, now there's someone who could use some money. So please give if you can. She's truly a national treasure (and for once I'm not being sarcastic).

I'll be alright, really.

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