Thursday, December 24, 2009

Well, it's getting closer to being done

Health Care "Reform" passes the Senate on a straight party vote (60 to 39, conservatives prayers kept Republican Jim Bunning from realizing he was still alive), I tell you, I step away from blogging for a day and the next thing you know...

It's like dogs and cats living together. Redstate morons start hanging out and posing as progressive morons.

Isn't anything reliable anymore, something you can count on?

Well, there's always David Broder living in bipartisan-fantasy land, where impossible things, like sane Republicans and Regularity exist forever.

It would help a lot if he reached out personally to those few Republicans who might still want to improve the bill rather than sink it.

Yes, Broder, and scientists should keep research going into how you can go back to enjoying peanut brittle for Christmans.

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