Monday, December 21, 2009

The metaphysical bond between all black people according to a white person part infinity

As painful as it is to say, it's Frank Rich yesterday for this:

Though the American left and right don't agree on much, they are both now coalescing around the suspicion that Obama's brilliant presidential campaign was as hollow as Tiger's public image — a marketing scam designed to camouflage either his covert anti-American radicalism (as the right sees it) or spineless timidity (as the left sees it). The truth may well be neither, but after a decade of being spun silly, Americans can't be blamed for being cynical about any leader trying to sell anything. As we say goodbye to the year of Tiger Woods, it is the country, sad to say, that is left mired in a sand trap with no obvious way out.

In addition to being overwrought crap, it once again does what a conservative like Bill O'Reilly would be verbally flogged by me. Relating all things black men with other famous black men on completely unrelated matters is the laziest bullshit argument in history.

Plus it makes Joe Klein right and dammit, that really pisses me off. If you make that argument feel free to fuck yourself.

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