Friday, December 25, 2009

What Digby Said

This piece (as indicated through Hullabaloo) on how Colbert & his writers worked on and then executed the justifiably famous (or infamous if you are America's Concern Troll, Richard Cohen) Correspondent's Dinner routine in the Spring of 2006 right before George W. Bush.

It's awesome, it will brighten your X-Mas, and make those new brown socks seem heckuva lot browner!

When the dinner was over, "I don't think I'm dying. I go to sit down and nobody's meeting my eye. Only [the late journalist-turned-White House spokesman] Tony Snow comes over and says I'm doing a great job." Then Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia came his way and told him he was brilliant.

"I said, oh, s-, don't let me like Antonin Scalia!"

Wondering what exit he should use, Colbert recalls being approached by actor Harry Lennix, whom he knew from their days at Northwestern University. Colbert indicated that he sensed some of the audience wasn't happy. "And he [Lennix] said, 'f- these people."

Indeed, fuck them.

Merry Christmas...except to them.

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