Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The rankings game

Though many have not noticed (I guess the publications will declare next year to be the end of the decade...or do so again) technically the aughts are in their last eight days.

And good-fucking-riddance!!!

I'd say worst decade EVAH!, except that's palpably laughable. The of the 1340's with the bubonic plague killing about a third to half of Europe, the Middle-East and Asia was pretty fucking suck-a-licious (hey, if that had happened in the 1980s and a third of Asia died we might at least have been spared some awful prog-rock! "Heat of the Moment" can suck it!).

The 1930s were the depression and then led into the decade of the worst war ever (the one we in the U.S. took out the lesson that it was apparently awesome, but c'mon). The 1960s had some great progress, but it also had Vietnam and the assassination of about three prominent liberal and/or democratic leaders.

So I suppose int he next few days we should put up some reader participation polling on things.

The first notable list I've found is this list of 10 Worst WaPo Columnists.

Somehow it fails to contain 'America's Concern Troll' -- which totally undermines the rest of it. This listing has its flaws IMO (I'd have to find a way to put Anne Appelbaum in there somewhere, definitely in place of EJ Dionne who doesn't bother me -- in fact he doesn't register), but it is much better at listing the contenders and does the rankings better IMO.

I'd also have to throw in #11 anyway because Dana Milbank's excretory smugness deserves a special mention.

Really maybe the poll to take -- and this should be left to Atrios only, is who are the top-10 Wankers of the naughtie aughties?

I know many TMZ fans would instantly say Tiger Woods, but I'm pretty sure he's not top-10 material for being extra horny.

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