Monday, December 05, 2011

But he hates brown people...a lot

21st Century Bull Connor, Arizona's Joe Arpaio, seems to have spent all of his last decade glorifying himself rather than doing the most fundamental aspects of his job.
...more than 400 sex-crimes [were] reported to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office during a three-year period ending in 2007 — including dozens of alleged child molestations — that were inadequately investigated and in some instances were not worked at all, according to current and former police officers familiar with the cases. In El Mirage alone, where Arpaio’s office was providing contract police services, officials discovered at least 32 reported child molestations — with victims as young as 2 years old — where the sheriff’s office failed to follow through, even though suspects were known in all but six cases.
And, of course, there is ALWAYS a clear and undeniable bigotry:
Many of the victims, said a retired El Mirage police official who reviewed the files, were children of illegal immigrants.


Montag said...

Arpaio has gained and kept office by being a bully, and by appealing to the bullies in his county.

That he's also incompetent shouldn't come as a surprise. The Feds may well put this prick in jail, but it won't stop a lot of people in Maricopa County from believing that he was railroaded.

Weak men praise bullies. Arizona's got its share.

pansypoo said...

priorities. shame children paid for them.