Monday, December 05, 2011

Well hello, Laaaaaadieeeees

Golly what could they possibly have in common?
(via Balloon Juice)


StonyPillow said...

They should form a teabagger Voltron. Except both of them would insist on being the same part of Voltron's anatomy.

BTW, sorry for your troubles yesterday afternoon. There's no shame in being defeated by the Hand O' God.

DanF said...

Mittens was pretty well dis-liked by the other GOP candidates in 2008. For a little refresher:

Romney seems to have learned a lesson in 2008, and has refrained from GOP-rival attack ads, but I wouldn't be surprised if the hurt fee-fees still linger among the regular GOP campaign staffs. Given the fact that he comes across as a douche in his own party, I wouldn't expect Mitt to pick up the endorsement of too many candidates as they exit the stage. Rick Perry sure seems to hate his guts.

pansypoo said...

birds of a feather.