Friday, August 09, 2013


A group of publications are refusing to refer to Washington's NFL franchise by their racist slur of a name.

I was listening to some radio sports guy trying to claim he "researched" the team's use of the pejorative recently and he tried to claim it was to "honor" brave warriors.

Of course, I'm doubtful of both the research and his sources.

Look up "George Preston Marshall" the guy who changed the name from "Boston Braves" a name which could probably be somewhat justified today because it is at least a descriptive not unique to Native Americans to "Boston Redskins". 

Marshall was a full-blown racist who wanted the Washington NFL franchise to be "the South's team", would only integrate the team in the early 1960s (the last team to do so) under threat to not be allowed to use the new stadium (the now old RFK stadium); and once forced that first black player, Bobby Mitchell to sing the then words of the fight song which concluded "Fight for Old Dixie!".

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