Friday, August 09, 2013

Hey, good luck, seriously

In recent years I've noticed that John Cole has turned the political blogging over to his ever increasing series of co-bloggers at Balloon Juice as he focused on writing about his pets, what he was cooking and/or growing.

This contrast with me, of course, I just plug away and post and post and post as I have one pet, cook badly, and cannot grow anything. Meanwhile, co-bloggers fall away, their lives just fulfilling enough to not need to blog.  Well, thank goodness, I'm dull and uncomfortable because I've been blogging for more than nine years -- even though I ran out of things to say about five years ago!

But John Cole has another less mentioned issue, and he's decided to deal with it. Brave to admit, and braver to do something about it. Good luck.


StonyPillow said...

Perhaps... today is a good day... to live.

frankly said...

yeah, JC can be a pain in the ass and I think he is just sick of politics but he has staffed the front page with some interesting people with a wide range of opinions and the rabble generally behave better than most on political blogs.

It surprises me how open he can be at times, this was one of those.

Michael said...

I stopped reading his blog a while back, lost interest in it for that very same reason. Food, gardens and
pets, while neat to have, are not a
sought after source of info for me.
On the other hand, your postings are
third on my go-to list right after Kos and Crooks and Liars. Keep on plugging away, you are appreciated.