Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some irony

Iowa's strangely iconic "Butter Cow" was doused with blood by a - wait for it - extreme Vegan.

This is opposed to the usual scenario where butter douses your blood.


Montag said...

Sorry, but, "strangely iconic" in Iowa = utterly absurd to the rest of us.

NonyNony said...

Hopefully it was human blood, donated by the vandals themselves, so that the "vegans" who did this aren't a bunch of idiotic hypocrites.

Jeebus Christ I swear to Grod that either animal rights activist groups have almost all been infiltrated by the worst kind of Fifth Column saboteurs who are trying to marginalize their activities by making them look like ridiculous idiots, or they're entirely filled with ridiculous idiots. I've known some animal rights activists over the decades and they really do seem to be getting stupider.

pansypoo said...

oh, that will help their cause. NOT