Friday, August 09, 2013

Yeah, "oops"

Apparently having a tepid audience of non-thinking assholes makes you think you say anything, even when it is clear that even in these circumstances you cannot actually say literally anything.

Rush Limbaugh Claims 3 Day Slutzkrieg on Sandra Fluke was an Accident
Well, five people over 75 will agree.


Monte Davis said...

Word. Why all this vaporing about the NSA when librulz have been saving up audio and video files to make poor Rush look bad?!?

gratuitous said...

Used to be chutzpah was defined as the guy who killed his parents seeking leniency from the court because he was an orphan.

The new definition should just be a picture of Mr. Limbaugh.

Montag said...

Pissing your pants because there's no toilet around is an accident.

Haphazard fender-benders are accidents.

Slipping getting out of the tub is an accident.

Going on a multi-day rant full of abuse toward someone testifying in favor of legislation certain, to some degree, to improve women's health is not an accident. It's what a fat-assed bullying asshole does.

Shit, that doesn't even rise to the level of lame excuse.

pansypoo said...

gee, he sounded prerry sure to me.