Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The LOLing

Quinn said that Graham's sale to Bezos brought an end to "the family-owned newspaper era," noting that the New York Times is now "the last family owned newspaper." "We've seen L.A. Times and Boston Globe go. But that's the new media," she said. "Everything I know about Bezos tells me he's a fabulous guy, he's committed to the excellence and standards of the Washington Post. There will be no massive changes, except more resources."
And hopefully fewer awful columnists.


NonyNony said...

What the hell does Quinn mean? The Post is owned by the Washington Post Company, which is a publicly-traded company. If anything this is a move by the paper back to being a privately run affair rather than a publicly run one.

I suspect that what she means is that this sale moves the control away from the Graham family, who have been influential in the DC cocktail circuit since Sally Quinn was a little girl.

Montag said...

Kinda funny, in that those large newspapers are actually owned by... Wall Street. The NYT bought The Boston Globe with borrowed money. Zell bought the The Chicago Times and the Times Group with borrowed money. And there's nothing reported as yet (that I've seen) that Bezos bought the WaPoo outright with his own money.

Bezos is one of the business community's darlings, mostly because his business tactics are not so much "innovative" as they are cutthroat, and he's been that way virtually from the start. I suspect that his ownership of the WaPoo will not change much in that institution, since the paper has always been on the side of entrenched power. Bezos will undoubtedly use his new toy to push for lower taxation of billionaires and further relaxation of employment law, because he's really no different than other libertarian idiots with lots of money--he definitely wants a lot more of it, and fuck the consequences.

pansypoo said...

wall street is gonna kill the world.

DanF said...

What the fuck is a family-owned newspaper? Does Pa work the printing press, while Ma edits the lede? Little Jimmy is shooting pics with his Kodak Brownie while Jane hits the human interest and courthouse beat?

I don't know much about Bezos, but he has a family and now owns a newspaper. Ipso facto Quinn is still an idiot.

Anonymous said...

So when does the Kindle edition start?

Anonymous said...

Ummm what the hell is Sally Quinn talking about?

Bezos is an idividual buying it with personal money - cash.

John Henry is buying the Boston Globe with personal cash as an individual.

If Sarah Palin said made this statement we'd call it word salad. But Quinn being so refined speaks perfect Gibberish.

StonyPillow said...

Ochs du lieber himmel!

Anonymous said...

"There will be no massive changes, except more resources."

Right. Wahteveryousay.

What an idiot.