Thursday, August 08, 2013

"Let them eat cake...oh, they cannot afford cake?"



The International Austerity Association (i.e. Banks)

Unemployment in Greece rose to a new record high of 27.6 percent in May, leaving almost two thirds of young people without a job, the Hellenic Statistics Authority said Thursday. The jobless rate rose from 27 percent in April and 23.8 percent in May last year. Young people were by far the worst affected, with unemployment among job-seekers aged 15 to 24 standing at 64.9 percent. Greece has been depending on funds from international rescue loans since May 2010, after years of profligate spending and fiscal mismanagement left it with a massive budget deficit.


pansypoo said...

or no bootstraps, no boots, no feet.

Anonymous said...

Jesus F Christ, Mr. Turk, never mind Greece, look WTF has been going on idown in Texas.

I thought it was bad when I read at dKos about their roadside vaginal/anal inspections... turns out its even worse!

I will never, ever, ever visit that fucked-up place, even though I have relatives there, lived there when I was a kid and two of my sisters were born there.

Ebon Krieg said...

(pet peeve as history teacher) cake is not what we think it is in the context of that quote.