Sunday, August 25, 2013

Part of a long-standing history of "blowing it"

Meanwhile Fred Hiatt is still obsessing about how to curtail civil liberties, make the poor's life more miserable, and which countries to bomb:

On Saturday, Robert G. Kaiser, a former managing editor at The Washington Post and current associate editor and senior correspondent, authored an op-ed describing how the paper "blew it."

Kaiser, who was then a summer intern, was one of 60 staffers assigned to cover the 1963 March on Washington. Many people expected a riot. When it didn't materialize, the paper was caught off-guard. While the lead story stressed that participants had remained 'orderly,' it failed to mention King or his history-making speech:
In that paper of Aug. 29, 1963, The Post published two dozen stories about the march. Every one missed the importance of King’s address. The words “I have a dream” appeared in only one, a wrap-up of the day’s rhetoric on Page A15 — in the fifth paragraph. We also printed brief excerpts from the speeches, but the three paragraphs chosen from King’s speech did not include “I have a dream.”
In comparison, the New York Times led with "I have a dream" on its front cover. Reporter James Reston wrote that King "touched all the themes of the day, only better than anybody else."


StonyPillow said...

Once the WaPos under new ownership starts apologizing for its past sins, it will never catch up.

Let me help. Through the miraculous intercession of St. Salieri, I proclaim unto that sorry rag, "But fire every last clown, and you are forgiven all past faults and transgressions, even the most grievous. Ego te absolvo. Sin no more, and avoid the near occasions of sin."

Montag said...

The power of the media to shape perceptions is all too obvious in that bit of history. In a way, it doesn't surprise me that a Washington paper, embedded in the culture of the Middle South, would take that sort of editorial approach.

Just as it does not surprise me today that the WaPoo continues to lick the asses of power and money.

Anonymous said...

pansypoo said...

at least they admit they didn't do right.

i was using the old life magazine my grandma hoarded for a history class. i found the issue covering the killing of malcolm x as was shocked at how little they gave it.