Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Your Representative Democracy in Action...circa 2013

Few want military action in Syria. So we're gonna have military action in Syria. Few, even Republicans, wants the government shut down. So we're gonna shut down the government.

Meanwhile, our awesome media has focused on the real threat.

Miley Cyrus.

(BTW, I'm so old and unhip -- or perhaps the better phrase is well-adjusted? -- that I had to look up "twerking" and it is thankfully slightly less sexual than I thought.  Slightly.)


StonyPillow said...

Hannah Montana just wanted to let us all know she's number one.

Hey there, hi there, hoe there
You're as welcome as can be
M-I-C (see you real soon)
K-E-Y (Why? Because she likes you)

Anonymous said...

Cynically calculated "outrageousness" is as old as the hills, but the corporate media droolers never fall for it every time. Yawn. Madonna has made a decades-long career of it.

Anonymous said...

That's "never fail to fall for it".
Like six-year olds playing soccer, they all run after the ball.

pansypoo said...

OMG! girls grow up!

NonyNony said...

Seems like a good place to leave this as any.

A perfect analysis of this moment in history, by the only newspaper worthy to be known as the 21st century's "paper of record".

amspirnational said...

In this case the lesser sin is closing down the government-before Obama can launch another Bush-like illegal war.
The impeach Obama right should work with the antiwar left, e.g. Dennis Kucinich-if there is any left.
That requiares a dedication and sophistication and recognition of proper priorities beyond the American multitudes however.
So the Empire will continue to
war until collapse.