Saturday, August 17, 2013

Inspiring slogans -- and probably useful

Tengrain over at Dependable Renegade sums up the New Jersey Senatorial Contest involving Corey Booker and the extreme right-wing nut job named Steve Lonegan.

He is running against Democratic candidate Corey Booker, who indeed carries water for Wall Street, but is not a Xristian Xrazie fundie teabagger.

This is hardly the most inspiring advertisement the Democratic Party could come up with...but it probably would be the most accurate.


StonyPillow said...

If Harold Ford III didn't exist, they'd have to create him. So they did.

He's got 14 months to wear out his welcome.

Anonymous said...

We get to choose between the Sane Corporate Party and the Insane Corporate Party.

pansypoo said...

NJ is close to NYC + wall street.

wall street needs to buy.

Montag said...

In fact, Booker is a closet winger Xtian. He's very close to pastors espousing dominionism, but it's not something he wants advertised when he's campaigning.