Monday, March 05, 2012

Somebody's producers read their stars twitter account

From JoeMyGod:

The widely-followed Twitter account of wingnut actress Patricia Heaton has vanished, perhaps in the wake of her douchey tweets about "sluts" and birth control. (Tipped by JMG reader Thomas)
Something tells me ABC or the producers of "The Middle" decided that backing up calling women "sluts" was not good for business.

Somewhere this account joins Pat Sajak's blog in the ether.

Speaking of which...

Pat Sajak Hosted ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Drunk In Early Days

Saved it for blogging or National Review articles later...called it "K-Lo Goggles"


pansypoo said...

her agent needs a muzzle.

i knew there was a reason not to watch everybody loves raymond.

Anonymous said...

The people calling Sandra Fluke a slut cannot be basing that upon her testimony, because she doesn’t mention her personal situation at all. Full transcript here (NOT pdf):

It’s short; it takes less than five minutes to read the whole thing. So how did all these people come to the completely wrong conclusion that she was petitioning for her own (slutty) sake? Gosh, what a mystery.