Friday, March 09, 2012

There’s just a few problems

Well, this is all well, fine, true and good:
Former Israeli intelligence chief Meir Dagan, in his first U.S. television interview, says he believes that the Iran regime is rational and that now is not the time to attack Iran.
"The regime in Iran is a very rational one," the former top Israeli spymaster tells CBS' Leslie Stahl, according to excerpts of the interview released by 60 Minutes.
Not that this is actually ever reported much, but the above is an unreported historical fact. Even if Iran got a nuclear weapon, they are not going to drop it on Israel, they are not going to use it on Israel or the United States. No, they are going to use it as leverage to dictate policy in the region so certain unnamed global superpowers cannot just decide to start dropping bombs and occupying countries anymore.
Which may not always be the worst thing that could happen.

So yes, the Iranians are very rational, even if their government has other substantial problems.

Too bad many of our political leadership are not.

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jimmiraybob said...

Bolton's chubby - the Little Ambassador - says, "all the more reason to bomb now and bomb often."

pansypoo said...

the sane is coming out in force.

pansypoo said...

the sane is coming out in force.

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