Tuesday, March 06, 2012

With all due respect "Your Holiness"

Shut the fuck up:
Gay marriage is like slavery, Catholic leader says Britain’s most senior Catholic, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, has condemned gay marriage as an “aberration”, likening it to slavery and abortion.
The Catholic laity is so opposed to abortion they won't even think so as to abort idiotic thoughts before they speak.

Funny thing though, if my 13-year old Confirmation classes serve me (this future agnostic was the highest scoring person on the test, suck on that Methodists!) there's no mention of gay marriage in the Bible, just a bit of Sodom (wonder what "Gomorrahmy" would mean?*) and Jesus shacking up with a dozen dudes but slavery is in there a lot.

*Seriously, how much does it suck to be allegedly wiped out by God and not even get a verb out of it?  What exactly did Gomorrah do wrong any way?  Did they not have enough S&H Green Stamps?  Were they into teabagging?  Did they not wear shoes but expect service?


Anonymous said...

But 'ya gotta admit, they do have the coolest hats.

From the article:

"...standards from the Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations where marriage is defined as a relationship between man and woman and turning that on its head."

The UN has defined marriage?

Anonymous said...

Don't the Mormons have an annual "Hill Gomorrah" pageant?

Substance McGravitas said...

*Seriously, how much does it suck to be allegedly wiped out by God and not even get a verb out of it?

They got Gomorrhea.

pansypoo said...

actually during roman time slaves(THRALLS-yes, rome + star trek!) and family were sort of the same thing.

Athenawise said...

Gomorrahmy is a promiscuous Irish village that comes to life once every hundred years. (See: "How Are Things in Gomorrahmy?")