Friday, January 18, 2013


This is the REAL Notre Dame scandal.

Lizzy Seeberg, 19, was a freshman at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind., when she said she was sexually assaulted Aug. 31, 2010, by a Notre Dame player in his room, according to the National Catholic Reporter. The day after the attack, Seeberg reported the assault in a handwritten statement to campus police. In the days that followed, a friend of the player sent her text messages, including one that warned, "Messing with Notre Dame football is a bad idea," according to National Catholic Reporter. Seeberg killed herself Sept. 10 of that year. 

Investigators first interviewed the football player five days after Seeberg's suicide, according to the National Catholic Reporter.

In Te'o's case, Notre Dame administrators said they hired private investigators to look into the player's fake Internet girlfriend after T'eo reported discovering the hoax. At a Notre Dame press conference on Wednesday, athletic director Jack Swarbrick wept while publicly supporting Te'o, a few hours after the website Deadspin exposed the fakery.

Criticism of Notre Dame mounted Thursday, comparing the school's reaction to the deaths of T'eo's fake girlfriend and to Seeberg. New York magazine summed it up in a headline: "Notre Dame Finds Fake Dead Woman Easier to Talk About Than Real Dead Woman."


Anonymous said...

Now if only it had been a fetus that died, that would've been worth giving a shit about!

pansypoo said...

jazz hands gnews i ignore. sexual abuse not. this is how rape culture is reinforced. it has to be nipped at the root.