Monday, January 21, 2013

Cry me a effing river

It figures that a guy raised with a country club membership in hand thinks the way to handle slightly higher taxes is to go Galt

Phil Mickelson says changes are coming because of taxes and how they affect his family. Is Lefty considering retiring? He won't turn 43 until June. 

Scott Michaux first reported that Mickelson said he was considering retirement after his final round Sunday at the Humana Challenge.

I dunno, but I find it hard to really sympathize with a multimillionaire who is thinking of retiring because he will only be a slightly less unfucking believably rich multimillionaire after taxes.

The "Patriotism" is really moving.


DrDick said...

The world would be a far better place if all professional golfers went Galt immediately.

Anonymous said...

Living on an estimated net worth of $180 MILLION iz haaard.

Give the guy a break. He only made $1,150,000 a year ago at Pebble Beach, his only win of the year.
His FICA taxes alone came to....$14,643! Medicare ripped another $30k out of his hide (assuming all of that $1.14M is profit).
That left him in the dirt and rubble with us "poors" with a pathetic $1 million. Ease up!

pansypoo said...

good riddance. bye bye

Anonymous said...

You would think a guy who has become extremely wealthy because of his talent for a fundamentally worthless activity would simply be grateful for just how fortunate he is.

Anonymous said...

A perfect example of the inherent flaw in the "Tax me more and I'll just stop producing as much" argument.

So take a walk, Lefty, because you don't want to pay higher taxes.

In your place will come along someone younger, who at this stage can do your job better than you, and they'll gladly take all the money you're just gonna leave on the table because out of stubbornness.

This should be the response to anyone who tries to play this pathetic sympathy ploy.

Anonymous said...

I loved RedState's posting of this on their front page. An ominous warning- OMG, we may lose all our end-of-the-line millionaire PGA veterans!

My heart bleeds. Or is it my gums, I dunno.

DanF said...

HAHAHHAAH HAHAHA!!! Holy crap what a baby. Phil is one of those guys you look at and just kind of know he's a bit of a dick, but I had no idea he was this bad. He plays a game and makes millions. What ... if we tax him too much he'll just stop and ... uh retire and ummm ... spend his days play golf? Shut the fuck up Phil.