Sunday, January 13, 2013

Perhaps you are simply too dumb

To handle tasks beyond respiration and chewing?

James Yeager, the CEO of Tactical Response, has a new video up. The new line: Hey, I’m really sorry about threatening to kill people. I didn’t mean it. Can I please have my gun carry permit back

He acts like he had NO IDEA making a web video in which he threatens to start killing people is beyond a simple misunderstanding.


StonyPillow said...

He may have put himself out of work, but James Yeager will always be the NRA.

Mr. 618 said...

Getting a suspended permit back in Tennessee is quite difficult. It's one of the few redneck states that take it seriously (may Dr King having been shot in Memphis had something to do with it?).

On the other hand, BillyJoeBobBubba merely has to relocate to Mi'sippi (as they call it), Allah-bam, Joe-jia, or Loserana to start anew.

Anonymous said...

Going to try to keep this short.

In the UK years ago and in discussion with Brit on gun laws where there is no such thing as an instant background check at the cash register. You have to be approved in advance and the background check can take many months.

And they are in no hurry. They will check with your wife, family, minister, doctor, neighbors, friends to the same degree as if you were applying for a clearance to the CIA.

If Yeager was a Brit and made that statement, he would not only lose his permit, the police would come to his home/office and TAKE his guns away! And good luck getting them back.

If Nancy Lanza had applied for the privilege to have a gun, the police would have asked her, before she even stepped into a gun store, if she or any member of her family/household was in psychiatric care or using drugs to cope. A "Yes" about her son, Adam Lanza = No-gun-for-you!

Have a permit and gun and happen file for divorce - police TAKE your guns until some time after your divorce is settled.

Ever see a psychiatrist? Guns are taken.

Taking Prozac or Cymbalta or the like - No gun for you.

Restraining orders, domestic abuse, DWI, etc? - guns are TAKEN away.

Only the best-of-the-best Brit subjects allowed to have a gun.

And because we are looking at the weapon, or the size of the magazine, vs the person and his environment, we will not solve this problem.

Anonymous said...

If only the US were as sane as the UK when it comes to guns, but I'm afraid it never will be.

Therefore, I liked somebody's idea which I read on another blog--- OK, asshole: you have the right to bear arms.. but the govt has the right to tax the shit out of guns and bullets... and perhaps to make you have firearm insurance as well

So when you buy that assault weapon you think you need so badly, get ready to pay big bucks in taxes and insurance.

pansypoo said...

this time, the people want sensible.