Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The latest in Chicken-Hawk fashion

Ted Cruz newly minted Senate dummy from Texas never served a day in the military and is so afraid of serving in the military he fled his native Canada because American draft-evaders scared him has a not so-novel theory for the Republican Right:

Non-serving freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) says Vietnam combat vets Kerry and Hagel are “not ardent fans of the US military.”

Of course, Kerry and Hagel are not just combat vets, they are decorated combat vets.

Ted Cruz's last decoration was something out of the "Cake Boss" collection.


Montag said...

Cruz will turn out to be a big embarrassment, but I doubt that much of Texas will notice.

Anonymous said...

@Montag - the line of embarrassing Texas politicians is getting extremely long.


Anonymous said...

sorry, American neighbours, but we are NOT taking him back.

same deal for Celine Dion.

But, hey, before I forget--- many thanks for hosting Lord Tubby down in Florida for those years! it's taught him a little lesson in humility which I'm sure will benefit him in the long run.

pansypoo said...

drop him in Afghanistan,