Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't know much about tennis

But has any American beside the Williams Sisters won anything in Tennis in the last decade?

In the 70s and 80s Americans and Swedes dominated both genders, looks like they (the Americans at least) lost everyone to other sports.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're right -- Jennifer Capriati won the Australian Open in 2002. Since then, American Grand Slam champions have been exclusively the Williams sisters, with the exception of, if I remember right, a single US Open championship by Andy Roddick in maybe 2003?

I used to play tennis for exercise, and kind of wish I'd kept it up, but there were too many win-at-all-costs assholes in the rec level league.

And if you ever get to see a live tennis match, you find out why they're called pros. Television for some reason seems to slow things down. Professionals hit unbelievably hard but controlled shots.

pansypoo said...

why do we get to win everything?

Midwest_Product said...

The American contingent in men's tennis is pretty dire right now, but there are a number of promising heirs apparent to the Williams sisters that are starting to come into their own.

If you want almost-instant gratification, Sloane Stephens will be playing a 2nd round match at the Australian Open late tonight, and Madison Keys will play a 3rd round match some time tomorrow.