Monday, January 28, 2013

Performance (not very sm)Art

In interview someone at Breitbart managed to get in before they got off the line to finish their wanking session, America's Grifter parted with one last moronic statement on her FoxNews dismissal:

“I was raised to never retreat and to pick battles wisely, and all in due season

There's not one word in that sentence that is accurate or not funny.


donnah said...

Fifteen minutes have never seemed so frickin' long.

Go away, you harpy! You've been irrelevant since Day 1, so shut up and GO AWAY! and take John McCain with you, he's well past his "use by" date.

Anonymous said...

“I was raised to never retreat...", said the abdicated former half-Governor of Alaska.


pansypoo said...

go away already. even the teevee gnews are FINALLY done w/ you.

Raoul Paste said...

"in due season...."

To everything there is a season.
And a time to every purpose under heaven. h/t Pete Seeger

Anonymous said...

"in due season"--- WTF, her moron daughter is preggers again?

Beleck said...

Palin will be replaced by someone else, that's for sure. I am so glad "they" are tired of her.

that turkey decaptiation incident was awesome. and her outright stupidity, perfect American conjob/grifter.

lol. i'll miss her/not

Substance McGravitas said...

Nevertheless, a salute to knowing what you want and getting it.

Athenawise said...

She's made her millions, so she doesn't need to pretend she gives a rat's patoot anymore.

She can spend her days babysitting her grandkids and showing them Russia from the front porch.