Thursday, January 10, 2013

Unleash the "Nobody could have anticipated" macro

Who could have foreseen that a group calling itself "Fix the Debt" is actually a front group dedicated to the idea that poor and middle class people should suffer because the groups only purpose is to keep rich people's taxes low?

As usual "nobody" only means those involved in television "journalism"?


Anonymous said...

But, just as a thought experiment, if ACORN or some similar organization was acting as a front for, oh, I don't know, Agenda 21, you can bet Fox and Drudge would be sirens ablaze...and even Chuck Todd would declare it "troublesome news for Barack Obama and the Democrats."

Look at how they handled the ACORN non-scandal featuring James O'Keefe...which only happened to cost a lot of good people their livelihood.


pansypoo said...

yet we had to PRESERVE the bush tax cuts up to 450,000 with NO SUNSET. fuck them.

Anonymous said...

Here's how banksters "fix the debt"...

The media is full of stories about how socialism supposedly made Greece go bankrupt, but they never report about how capitalism went bankrupt in the US.

So, please, learn about this and take every chance to educate your fellow citizens about this!!!

The banksters would have you believe that the US Fed is too mysterious to understand.

The truth is that when the banksters needed money, they just quietly had the US Fed print 'em up 16 trillion. An amount equal to the entire annual GDP.

But when the government needs money, OH MY GOD, WE:RE GOING BANKRUPT!!!!