Thursday, March 07, 2013

Explains a hell of a lot about Bill O'Reilly

Ta-Nehisi Coates in regard to self-delusional claims of non-discrimination has this sentence that explains so much about Mr. "The didn't say motherfucking iced tea":

In 1957, neighbors in Levittown, Pa., uniting under the flag of segregation, wrote: “As moral, religious and law-abiding citizens, we feel that we are unprejudiced and undiscriminating in our wish to keep our community a closed community.”


Anonymous said...

Hey, check the link. Ta-Nehisi Coates may have fine tastes in entertainment, but you wante

Attaturk said...


That link ALSO explains a lot about Bill O'Reilly.

pansypoo said...

religion makes a LOT of things a-ok.

WIIIAI said...

The Levittown O'Reilly claims to have grown up in is the one in NY, not PA.