Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Philly the Motown of blogging

Let's see Atrios, Boo Man, Will Bunch several others that I don't want to guess wrong on...

And, of course, this guy:

For eight years, Palmo has been writing "Whispers in the Loggia," an insider's chronicle of doings in the Catholic hierarchy, at http://whispersintheloggia.blogspot.com/. It has become a must-read for church insiders who value its commentary and analysis - and its leaks.

Now Palmo has been handed the story of a lifetime: the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, cardinals descending on Rome, election of the next pope. It hasn't happened in centuries.
How's he doing it?

Palmo takes out his iPad, his pocket WiFi connection, his cellphone and puts them on a small table in the lounge of the Omni Hotel at Fourth and Chestnut Streets [ed:  in Philadelphia].

"You're looking at it," he says, erupting in a signature laugh, a kind of nervous cackle.

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pansypoo said...

i am guessing a gaggle of inclusive males is close to a slumber party.