Friday, March 08, 2013

The price of being a d-bag

I wonder if the victim of the Dildo-boat assault has a claim pending?

James O’Keefe—the blonde bombshell who set the conservative world of hidden-camera YouTube movies ablaze—has just agreed to a $100,000 settlement to calm down the unjustly fired (and weirdly litigious about it) ACORN employee Juan Carlos Vera. According to a copy of the deal, obtained late last night by your wonkettes and viewable after the jump, O’Keefe has also agreed to ink an 11-word non-apology apology, that sources close to reality are calling “insincere” and “suuuuuuuch bullshit.”


pansypoo said...

maybe one year he will gow up.

sukabi said...

don't bet on it Pansypoo... he's only in it for the money and infamy.