Thursday, October 28, 2004

5 More Days

And Swift Boat Veterans for Truth goes into hibernation until early 2008.

Though clearly a great strain, Bush indicates he is still winning that battle against responsibility and conscience.

A cheering crowd at a Kerry rally, Freepers claiming the two in front are Arab terrorists, in 3...2...1...engage.

Bush supporters demonstrating the NEW SIGN O' THE BEAST

Roger Tory Peterson's Field Guide to Republicans, found primarily in the South and mountainous areas of the West. You can tell them by their poor fashion sense and their fetid scat.

Bush, surrounded by the nearly the entirety of his support within the African American community, reacts in open-mouthed shock as he feels Don King lift his wallet. King later stated, "I did it most unobtrusitively with great dextriousity and dispatchedness". King later said he supports Bush because they speak the same language, "Only in America!".

Larry, McCain, & Curly emerge from the bus. Jeb answers the question of who on the bus was made to "squeal like a piggy?"

"Torn between two lovers, feelin' like a fool, Loving both of you is breaking all the rules"

"Yes, I have the face that stops way or another."

"I'm telling you Quakers in Pennsylvania that if you don't get out and support this War, I'm gonna come there and kill your children." Zell Miller, you provide the paper, he'll provide the spit.

Please don't hurt me crazy man.

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