Thursday, October 21, 2004

Attaturk was watching Baseball most of Yesterday Evening

Great game between the Cards and Astros (please no Texas-Mass world series I cannot take the constant references, btw, in case it happens, I'd like it noted that the team Bush figure-headed was the RANGERS, and he traded Sosa). This was followed by beginning the exorcism of a certain curse.

However, on occasion last night I channel-surfed, Attaturk is a man, it's what we do.

I noticed on the brief moments I was on a channel long enough for the audio to come up, that the flap over "Laura's work history" was the tempest in a teapot de jour by the corporate media whores.

George Bush sayin' there'd be "no casualties" in Iraq not substantive enough.

Like I've said before, our country has too many "fuckers" and a disperate proportion on are television.

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