Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bush Quoting John Kennedy, well trying to...

Steve Gilliard points out how ludicrous this is:

George Bush quoted John Kennedy today.

He said John Kerry didn't understand what pay any price, bear any burden meant.

So, when do his daughters ship out for Iraq? When do they patrol Sadr City?

Price & Burdens?

Not only do those not include putting his daughters in harms way, they include invading a nation without either the resources, or attempting to obtain the resources. In fact, the failure to ask for any sacrifice is the ultimate actual burden.

He cut the taxes of rich people and put the burden on the poor and middle class that predominantly fights his wars.

And for those kids who don't fight, and for those who may someday come home, a debt that they will pay off for years, from their crummy Wal-Mart job.

That is the price & burden those kids pay, for the sacrifice George Bush will not ask of us, their parents.

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