Sunday, October 24, 2004

Smell the Desperation some more

From the Mercury News:

President Bush swept through the election battleground of Florida Saturday as his campaign began airing an attack ad in the state linking John Kerry to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Kerry took his campaign west, stumping bilingually in Colorado, then heading to New Mexico before returning to the fight in Florida.

The 30-second Bush campaign ad, in Spanish, depicts Kerry as sympathetic toward Castro and targets South Florida's Cuban-Americans. The community long had been overwhelmingly Republican but has begun to splinter over economic hardships it claims the Bush administration has put on family and friends still in Cuba.

The spot whacks at Kerry for voting in 1996 against legislation, known as the Helms-Burton Act, which beefed up economic sanctions on Cuba. The ad charges Kerry and the "liberals in Congress ... don't understand what a dictator is."

But Kerry opposed one particular provision that would have brought frivolous lawsuits, a campaign spokesman said. Ironically, the Bush administration is on the record as opposing the same provision.
"So now they are taking issue with a provision that they want removed from the law," said Kerry spokesman Phil Singer.

Team Bush shrugged off the charges, saying the president still enjoys massive support from Cuban-Americans, and accused Kerry of "trying to have it both ways."

In other words, the Bush campaign was caught lying in asserting that Kerry's position was wrong when it was the same position as theirs, and now they say it's Kerry trying to have things both ways. They are even losing their touch at lying, though not at being delusional.

I'll tell you one thing that Castro and Bush have in common:

Ironically, one jackass falls to the right, the other to the left.

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