Saturday, October 30, 2004

Obviously its time for the Shephard's Crook

Vice-President Mumbly Crashcart on the stump:

Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday the invasion of Iraq will go down in history, along with the war in Afghanistan, for its "brilliance."

The vice president's comment came as he portrayed the controversy over hundreds of tons of missing explosives in Iraq as a battle pitting Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites) against U.S. troops, with Cheney siding with the military.

At an airport rally at a hangar in Montoursville, Pa., Cheney said the U.S. invasions of "Afghanistan and Iraq will be studied for years for their brilliance."


I'd laugh, except he is not pushing Guiness, he's Orwelling it up about war. How brilliant is it that Osama's still making videos, something we've managed to curtail Cat Stevens from doing?

How brilliant is it that 18 months after "Mission Accomplished" we are getting ready to storm a city of 300,000 in that nation we so brilliantly handled?

You can literally imagine the Guiness Commercial like qualities.

Abu Ghraib? BRILLIANT!
Paul Bremer? BRILLIANT!
War will pay for itself? BRILLIANT!
Blaming, Old Europe? BRILLIANT!
There will be no casualties? BRILLIANT!
100,000 Dead Civilians? BRILLIANT!
WMD's game,set,match? BRILLIANT!
Just a bunch of deadenders? BRILLIANT!
Bring it On!? BRILLIANT!
French Fries? BRILLIANT!
Outing Plame? BRILLIANT!
Yellow Cake? BRILLIANT!
Wanted Dead or Alive? BRILLIANT!
Then, I don't think about him much? BRILLIANT!
Waterboarding? BRILLIANT!
Let Freedom Reign? BRILLIANT!
Freedom is on the March? BRILLIANT!
Mobile Weapons Labs? BRILLIANT!
Iraq connected to Al Qaeda? BRILLIANT!
You forgot Poland? BRILLIANT!
Lovin' the widows as best I can? BRILLIANT!

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