Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Compare & Contrast

I was going to do this, but Josh Marshall already did.

Ah, nevermind, I'm doing it anyway.

Preznit Clusterfuck yesterday:

President Bush on Monday accused Democratic rival Sen. John Kerry of ‘‘shameless scare tactics’’ by suggesting that the president would jeopardize Social Security for older Americans and bring back the military draft for young people.

Bush, in an Associated Press interview, said of Kerry, ‘‘He’s trying to scare our seniors. It is wrong to try to scare people going into the polls.’’

Meanwhile, in the Real President's World of Bile & Hypocrisy:

Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday raised the possibility of terrorists bombing U.S. cities with nuclear weapons and questioned whether Sen. John Kerry could combat such an "ultimate threat ... you've got to get your mind around."

The Bush Campaign could really use a chiropractor, all that flailing about has to really be tough on your back -- and wearing that thing on your back has to weigh on it too.

The press, for once, isn't buying Cheney's bullshit. The same article actually allows the Kerry campaign to respond.

The Democrats called Cheney's comments ironic.

"He has the audacity to question whether a decorated combat veteran who has bled on the battlefield is tough and aggressive enough to keep America safe," said Mark Kitchens, Kerry campaign national security spokesman. "He wants to scare Americans about a possible nuclear 9/11 while the Bush administration has been on the sidelines while the nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran - the word's leading sponsor of terrorism - have increased."

The article also mentioned the clear hypocrisy of Magic Dick:

Cheney raised the specter of nuclear attacks at the same time he said Kerry was "over the top" with remarks during the last presidential debate about daughter Mary Cheney.

Will wonders never cease?

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