Thursday, October 21, 2004

Something is Coming, and it's not Bill O'Reilly...I mean, besides Bill O'Reilly

Atrios and Steve Gilliard point out that Bush is supposed to be in Crawford on his potemkin ranch this weekend.

They are right, strange time for a vacation.

Steve speculates that Bush is going to Kabul.

Perhaps Osama is defrosting.

In any case, I think the GOP is up to something.

Something involving "Turkee".

Hezibah, a commenter at Atrios posits these possibilities:

I want to create a list of potential October Surprise scenarios that we can distribute to blogs and hack journalists in advance of the event, so as to diffuse/diminish the effectiveness of the trick when it happens. Think of it as the tinfoil hat defense.

Feel free to amend and distribute as you see fit:

1) Bush makes "suprise" trip to Iran or Afganistan, either in faux flyboy uniform and codpiece or not, for cynical troop-hugging photo op.

2) Bush retreats to Crawford for "rest" at precisely the moment that terrorists launch "surprise" attack on a major U.S. target (blue state city? White House? The capitol building?) This time, he immediately drops the Pet Goat storybook and launches into action, flying directly back to Washington or wherever ground zero happens to be.

3) Bush "relaxes" in Crawford at precise moment that a Rovian anti-Kerry smear erupts, thereby providing the CIC "plausible deniability" by virtue of physical distance from the eye of the storm.

4) POTUS is airlifted to Crawford for secret medical procedures related to the mysterious ailment (heart disease?, chronic liver condition?, drug addiction?, cognitive disorder?) he seems to be suffering from.

5) Either Osama or al-Zarqawi are suddenly and miraculously "captured," just days before the U.S. election, thereby boosting POTUS's flagging poll numbers.

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